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Hepatitis C is seen as a serious infection. Quite a few gay men have had it in recent years. The possibility of getting it (again) is a concern to many men. That's why we started NoMoreC. Our long-term goal: no new hepatitis C infections among gay men in Amsterdam.

We know that what we are aiming for is very ambitious. Despite NoMoreC, some unlucky men will get hepatitis C. However, NoMoreC will reduce the chances of getting infected by fighting hepatitis C on multiple fronts at the same time.

We want to work with the Amsterdam gay community to
  • increase awareness of and knowledge about hepatitis C among gay men, nurses and doctors
  • encourage regular and timely testing in order to detect infections as early as possible by offering for example a reliable and easy-to-use test that can be done at home
  • shorten the time period between diagnosis and treatment
  • make the process of warning partners run smoothly
  • offer tailored advice to help men reduce their risk of getting hepatitis C

Community Advisory Board

Arjan Kröner (The Web and The Cuckoo’s Nest), Hans Verhoeven (Underground Fetish), Michael Roks (The Eagle, Dirty Dicks and Invasion), Sjag and Aart Kozak van der Horst (Bear Necessity), Raymond Timmer (Mr Leather Amsterdam 2017 and Mr Leather Europe 2017), Ivo Spekman (Black Body), Richard Keldoulis (club chUrch, Sauna NZ and GALA), Alexander Pastoors (Hiv Vereniging), Martin Oftner (RoB), GJ Wielinga (COC), Jörgen Moorlag (Poz&Proud), Pieter Claeys (PrEPnu), Yaron Kalfuss (Bullchat), Nelson Sousa da Cunha (Mister B and Damage), Ivo Mittelmeijer (Sauna NZ), Anne Rodermond (club chUrch)


We would like to give special thanks to the following members of Amsterdam’s gay community:

Jörgen and Raymond and Tom for their candid personal accounts. Chris, Michal, Santiago, Stephane, Thijs and Ybo, who believed so strongly in the project that they were more than happy to be its public face.  Stephane for the instructional videos — we couldn’t have wished for a better ‘detail model’.

thijs op brug

The participants in the focus groups for their input in this project, and for letting us know what sort of information they needed. Participants in the brainstorming session to decide what to include in the NoMoreC Toolbox. Anne, Chris, Stephane, Thijs, Joseph, Boris and Matthijs for working with Ivo to spread the word about NoMoreC far and wide within the gay community. Dario for helping us test the website for usability. Ruud, Frans, Nadine, Daan, Vincent, Hijmen, Michel, Thijs, Paul, Ejay, Ivo, Bart, Robert, Stephane, Michal, Alexander, Ivo, John, Roland, Raymond, Mirjam, Tiedem  Dario, Ingrid and Tamara  for giving up six consecutive nights to assemble the Toolboxes. To you all, your contribution to NoMoreC has been priceless.



We would like to thank the following people for their part in this project:
Barbra de Niet Photography (portrait photography); Marco Hietbrink Fotografie (C-test photography); Ferdinand Maks (instructional videos on disinfection); Esther Maagdenberg (personal accounts and C-test instructional video); Ward van Bilsen (hand modelling for C-test instructional video); Eric Krabbenbosch and Chris Vincent (comic strips and drawings); Siji Jabbar, The English Writer (English translation); Bas Borremans, AIM (graphic design, online and print); Tjuna (technical realisation of website); Bensound.com (background music for videos); Gebroeders Silvestri (graphic design, posters and flyers); Swiet and Jurgen (location scouting, instructional videos); Lotte Sturkenboom, National Maritime Museum, Amsterdam (location photography); Kalja, Condomerie (co-sponsorship of condoms for the Toolbox); Frank, Blue Wonder (co-sponsorship of Blue Wonder wipes for the Toolbox); Nadine Weber (team support); and Ivo Mittelmeijer (NoMoreC marketing coordination).


Privacy statement

The website NoMoreC.nl is created by the MCFree consortium, which consists of the AMC, GGD Amsterdam, Soa Aids Nedererland and AIGHD. The AMC is the “responsible party” with respect to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). That means the AMC decides which personal data is analysed, as well as why and how this is done. The NoMoreC online shop is linked to the AMC:

Academisch Medisch Centrum
Meibergdreef 9
1105 AZ Amsterdam-Zuidoost
KvK-nummer: 34362777
btw-nummer: NL004627672B01

Personal details
By personal details we mean any information that is traceable to a particular individual, such as name, and home or e-mail address. The AMC is responsible for ensuring that your personal details are treated carefully and in accordance with the GDPR.
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Name and contact details are used only for the purpose of processing orders from our online shop, and are kept for a maximum of 6 months. E-mail addresses are used:

  • for sending messages about your account
  • for confirming orders
  • for notifying you that your test results are ready (if you ordered a C-test) and for reminding you to use your C-test (if you ordered a C-test subscription)
  • for inviting you to fill in an online evaluation questionnaire (if you ordered a C-test and/or a NoMoreC Toolbox) or second optional questionnaire (when you retrieve your C-test results)
  • for sending reminder messages for any of the above.
Cookies and privacy
NoMoreC.nl uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that the website places on your computer’s hard disk. Cookies do not store any personal details. The AMC treats the information collected by the cookies with complete confidentiality.
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External links
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The text of this privacy statement may change, if necessary, to reflect changes in procedures and/or laws and regulations. Therefore, if you visit this website often, we recommend that you check the text of this privacy statement regularly.

Project evaluation & general information

We hope NoMoreC helps to decrease the number of new hepatitis C infections in Amsterdam. In addition, we will continue to research and evaluate the individual parts that make up NoMoreC, such as this website, the events we organise in the community, and our training for professionals.

What happens when you use this website?
We monitor visits to this website. This does not affect how the website works, and you won’t notice that we are monitoring the visits. We look at things like visitor numbers, which pages users visit, and the outcome of the C-test service. We also ask a few extra questions where we need to offer tailored advice. You don’t have to answer all of the questions. In addition, we send anyone who orders a C-test or Toolbox an email with a link to an evaluation questionnaire. You do not have to fill it in if you don’t want to.
Read more in Information letter for NoMoreC research participants.