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Sterillium® med – available at Fa. A. Vos & Zoons medical supply store in Amsterdam. You can also order it online at Praxisdienst

Blue Wonder® cleansing and disinfection wipes – available at Blokker, Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Plus, Deen, Coop, Emté, Karwei, Praxis, Hornbach, Sligro and Makro and can be ordered online through Blue Wonder

Spraybottle – you can buy spray bottles or plant sprayers at garden centres and DIY (hardware) stores. You can also use an empty spray bottle of window cleaner.

Black latex gloves – available at fetish shops and Makro, among others, and can be ordered online at places like Praxisdienst. You can also find white latex gloves in the cleaning products section of almost any supermarket.

Black nitrile gloves – available at Makro and similar shops, and online at  Praxisdienst, among others. (These gloves also come in red. But be aware that if you fist with red gloves, you won’t be able to see if the bottom is bleeding)

Black condoms – available at Condomerie, Amsterdam. Ask for the NoMoreC condom.

Syringes for booty bumping, syringes and needles for slamming, and stericups – all in different colours can be ordered online at Apothicom

Sharpsafe needle disposal container with UN safety standard seal of approval – avoid accidents by using secure needle disposal containers with a UN safety stamp, such as those made by Sharpsafe. Available in different sizes at Praxisdienst, among others.

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