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Check your risk level with NoMoreC’s risk check. It lets you know if you’ve been at risk of hepatitis C and, if so, whether to take (additional) hepatitis C tests. You should also run a risk check if you’re thinking of ordering NoMoreC’s C-test.
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We advise you to run a risk check even if you’ve already decided to order the C-test. Do not let the results of the risk check stop you from ordering the C-test. The risk check does not ask about every possible risky situation, so you might still be infected with hepatitis C, regardless of the results.

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NoMoreC’s risk-check questionnaire is based on scientific research, but the research did not cover every possible risky situation. Read our disclaimer by clicking on the down arrow to reveal the drop-down.
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Some important risk factors for hepatitis C are mentioned in the risk-check questionnaire. The scientific research on which the questionnaire is based was conducted among HIV-positive men. The research did not cover every possible risky situation concerning hepatitis C. Therefore, always check our write-up on How the virus is transmitted to find out which situations may increase your risk of getting hepatitis C. Moreover, the information on this website is not a substitute for seeing a doctor or health specialist. Neither, nor AMC, GGD Amsterdam, Soa AIDS Netherlands or AIGHD is responsible for the results of the risk check.



By running a risk check, you are agreeing to the anonymized use of the information you enter for evaluation and research purposes. The information will be carried via a secure connection
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Some of the questions in the risk check are asked to help us better understand who uses this website. The data is stored and processed with the utmost care; it is kept anonymous, and never linked to your personal details.
Ordering NoMoreC’s C-test after doing the risk check? If so, you can be certain that no one except the person processing your order will see your contact details. He or she will not see what you filled in on the questionnaire, nor will they see your test results. You may use an unidentifiable or fake name if you wish.

Would you like to know more about your privacy in connection with this website and the research? Then read the Privacy Statement and the information about the Evaluation Questionnaire on the 'About NoMoreC’ page.

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