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Hepatitis C is seen as a serious infection. Quite a few gay men have had it in recent years. The possibility of getting it (again) is a concern to many men. That's why we started NoMoreC. Our long-term goal: no new hepatitis C infections among gay men.

We know that what we are aiming for is very ambitious. Despite NoMoreC, some unlucky men will get hepatitis C. However, NoMoreC will reduce the chances of getting infected, by fighting hepatitis C on multiple fronts at the same time.

NoMoreC was established in 2017 at the initiative of Amsterdam UMC, GGD AmsterdamSoa Aids Nederland and AIGHD.

Together with the gay community we want to

  • increase awareness of and knowledge about hepatitis C among gay and bisexual men, nurses and doctors.
  • encourage regular and timely testing in order to detect infections as early as possible.
  • offer tailored advice to help men reduce the risk of getting hepatitis C.

Currently all HIV treatment centers in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, the STI clinics of GGD Amsterdam, Zaandam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Arnhem and Limburg-Noord,. medical practice Heijnen in Amsterdam, 4 fetish shops in Amsterdam,  the Condomerie and Mainline, are participating in the distribution of the NoMoreC Toolbox.



Community Advisory Board

Arjan Kröner (The Web, Cuckoo’s Nest), Hans Verhoeven (Underground Fetish), Michael Roks (The Eagle, Dirty Dicks, Invasion, Crash), Sjag and Aart Kozak van der Horst (Bear Necessity en Black Body), Raymond Timmer (MSA. Leather Pride), Lorenzo Borela (Sauna NZ), Peter van Delft (Hiv Vereniging Nederland), Martin Oftner (RoB), Freek Janssens (COC Nederland ), Erwin Stronck (Poz&Proud), Sebastiaan Verboeket (PrEPnu), Yaron Kalfuss (Bullchat), André Donker (Mister B), Ivo Mittelmeijer (Herr), Anne Rodermond (Club ChUrch), Ronny Haimé en Kevin Schram (Planet Romeo Foundation), Ger Lomans (Same Place), GJ Wielinga (Bi+ Nederland).


We would like to give special thanks to the following members of the gay community:

Jörgen, Raymond and Tom for their candid personal accounts. Chris, Santiago, Stephane, Thijs, Ybo, Gabriel, Joseph, Adelberto and Dirk, who believed so strongly in the project that they were more than happy to be its public face. Stephane for the instructional videos — we couldn’t have wished for a better detail model.

Also many thanks to the participants in the focus groups for their input in this project, and for letting us know what kind of information they needed. Participants in the co-creation session to decide what to include in the NoMoreC Toolbox. Thijs, Joseph, Stanley, Boris and Matthijs for working with Ivo to spread the word about NoMoreC far and wide within the gay community. Dario for helping us test the website for usability. Ruud, Frans, Nadine, Daan, Vincent, Hijmen, Michel, Thijs, Paul, Ejay, Ivo, Bart, Robert, Stephane, Alexander, Ivo, John, Roland, Raymond, Mirjam, Tiede, Dario, Ingrid, Tamara, Andy, Santiago, Will, Glenn, Jeroen, Hans, Marvin, Fabio, Joseph, Stanley, Adalberto and Arnoud for giving up ten evenings to assemble the Toolboxes. To you all, your contribution to NoMoreC has been priceless.

Thanks also to all owners/managers of the fetish shops and Condomerie, and to all health care professionals: STI nurses, HIV nurses and General Practitioners. It is fantastic how you help create awareness around hepatitis C and how you help distribute the NoMoreC Toolbox. Finally a thank you to all owners/managers of cruise bars and sex venues: Anne, Elard, Ivo, Mike, Michael, Arjan en Richard. As community members you are strong supporters to our project.


We would like to thank the following people for their part in this project:

Barbra de Niet Photography (portrait photography), Marco Hietbrink Fotografie (C-test and Toolbox photography), Ferdinand Maks (instructional videos on disinfection), Esther Maagdenberg (personal accounts and instructional video C-test), Ward van Bilsen (hand modelling for instructional video C-test), Eric Krabbenbosch and Chris Vincent (comic strips and drawings), Siji Jabbar (The English Writer - English translation), Bas Borremans (AIM - graphic design for online and print), Basic Orange (technical realisation of website), Bensound.com (background music for videos), Gebroeders Silvestri (graphic design posters and flyers), Rogerio Lira (graphic design online adds), Swiet and Jurgen (location instructional videos), Lotte Sturkenboom of National Maritime Museum Amsterdam (location photography), Kalja of Condomerie (sponsorship of condoms for the Toolbox); Nadine Weber (team & website support ) Ivo Mittelmeijer (NoMoreC promotion coordination) and Ejay de Wit (activity coordination NoMoreC).

And finally all the people who initiated NoMoreC in 2017: microbiologist Janke Schinkel (Amsterdam UMC), HIV/hepatitis C therapist Marc van der Valk (Amsterdam UMC, DC Klinieken), Maria Prins (Amsterdam UMC, head research GGD Amsterdam), Udi Davidovich (senior researcher GGD Amsterdam), Tamara Prinsenberg (researcher GGD Amsterdam), Paul Zantkuijl (policy officer Soa Aids Nederland) Wim Zuilhof (programme leader Soa Aids Nederland), Nina Schat (AIGHD), Freke Zure (Nederlands Huisartsen Genootschap, previously GGD) and Marije Groot-Bruinderink (researcher GGD Amsterdam, previously AIGHD).