Big sex parties


Advice for sex parties

You say you mainly go to/hold big sex parties (more than four participants). The bigger the party, the more likely to include men you do not know. You won’t know if they get tested regularly for hepatitis C. And you won’t know if they are likely to tell you if they turn out to have the virus. Bigger parties makes it also more difficult to talk to everyone before the party starts about what to do to reduce the risk of hepatitis C transmission.

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-Avoid that someone else unintentionally uses your equipment such as your anal douche, dildos and lube. Write your initials on your jar/bottle of lube with a permanent marker
-Make sure you have, as much as possible, everyone’s contact details and the host’s contact details, in case these are needed after the party to warn for hepatitis C or other STIs
-If possible, hold the parties at your place. This way, you can ensure to have everything available that’s needed to reduce the risk of hepatitis C transmission, such as enough towels, cleaning materials, disinfectants, paper towels, gloves, etcetera


At the very least, make sure you have the host’s contact details. He most likely will have everyone else’s contact details. And that’s useful to have, in case one of you finds out he has hepatitis C or another STI and needs to warn the others.

General advice for anal sex

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  • Never share your anal douche. Need to use someone else’s anal douche? Then know how to disinfect it.
  • Degrease and disinfect the sling, play sheet or bench before you lay or sit on it as a bottom.
  • When you’re the bottom, lay as much as possible on your own towel. Tip: Bring your own towel on sex dates.
  • Always use your own jar/bottle of lube for your ass. Never share your lube.
  • Use lots of lube. This reduces the risk of small wounds and bleeds.
  • Test every 3 to 6 months for hepatitis C and other STIs.

Why clean and disinfect?

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