The Toolbox
  • Which products are included in a Toolbox?

    The NoMoreC Toolbox contains samples of products that can help you reduce the risk of transmission of hepatitis C. Not all products in the Toolbox need to match your sexuality experience. In addition to a brochure with brief information about NoMoreC and an instruction cards about disinfection of hands/forearms and dildos/toys, you will find various products in the Toolbox. Go to See what's in the Toolbox to check it out.

  • How big is the Toolbox?

    The size of the Toolbox is 32.5 x 25.5 x 10.5 cm. The Toolbox fits easily in a standard plastic supermarket carrier bag and most men will be able to carry it under their arm.

  • How much does the Toolbox cost?

    The Toolbox can be collected free of charge at one of the participating locations (maximum 1 per person). If you want to order the Toolbox via the NoMoreC webshop (maximum 1 per person), you only pay the shipping and administration costs (7,60 euro).

  • How many Toolboxes can I get?

    Whether you collect or order the Toolbox, the maximum number is 1 per person. So far 700 NoMoreC Toolboxes have been made. We want to introduce as many men as possible to the NoMoreC Toolbox. Ultimately, this is also in your interest: the fewer men contract hepatitis C, the less likely it is that you will get it.

  • Where can I get a NoMoreC Toolbox?

    The Toolbox can be picked up at one of the participating fetish shops in Amsterdam. These are: Black Body, Underground Fetish, Mister B, and RoB. You can also go to the Condomerie or Mainline. For adresses see Get the Toolbox. Furthermore, you get one at the GGD STI clinic of Amsterdam, Zaandam, Rotterdam, The Hague. Arnhem and Limburg-Noord.  Or at HIV Treatment Centres based in Amsterdam. Ask your nurse about it.

  • How do I order a Toolbox?

    You can order the Toolbox (maximum 1 per person) via the NoMoreC webshop. To do this, go to Get the Toolbox. You only pay € 7,60 shipping and administration costs. Your data is sent via a secure connection. The Toolbox is sent in neutral, discreet packaging.

  • I don't live in the Netherlands. Can I still order the Toolbox?

    Unfortunately not The Toolbox can only be sent to addresses in The Netherlands.

  • How did the NoMoreC Toolbox come about?

    The Toolbox was developed in collaboration with men from the gay community. They have indicated which products do not need to be in the Toolbox, because most men have them in the kitchen counter at home, or which are easy to get. Think of detergent and household chlorine. The men would like to see a sample in the Toolbox of products that are less readily available, or of which not everyone is sure whether they are sufficiently effective against hepatitis C. There is particular confusion about the correct disinfectants. The final products are selected in consultation with professionals. The packing of the boxes was done in collaboration with men from the gay community.


  • Can I also order the products in the Toolbox separately?

    You can buy or order many products in the Toolbox separately. Go to Order items separately.

  • How do I use the products from the Toolbox?

    The different products in the Toolbox each contribute in their own way to reducing the risk of hepatitis C transmission. Some products speak for themselves. Other products, such as the disinfectants in the Toolbox, are provided with a sticker with the instructions for use. You can view the instructional videos about disinfection at NoMoreC.nl/desinfection.