You don't always use your own dildos / toys


Advice for ass play

You say you do not always use only your own dildos/toys on your ass. Research has shown that hepatitis C is more common among men who share dildos and other toys. There is a lot you can do to reduce the risk of hepatitis C in ass play. See if the following advice fits your sex life.

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-Never share dildos / toys with others. Do you want to share anyway? Then know how to disinfect them.
-Always keep your dildos/toys apart from everyone else’s
-Ask the person playing with your ass to first wash and disinfect his hands before grabbing a dildo/toy. On top of that, ask him to wear gloves
-Make sure no one else’s lubricant ends up on your dildos/toys
-Use a lot of lube with ass play to prevent bleeding as much as possible


After using dildos, toys (and also anal douches) there might be invisible blood particles on them. Hepatitis C can survive a long time outside the body on materials such as steel, plastic and rubber (at room temperature up to 6 weeks). Therefore it is important to:

  • never share your toys and anal douche
  • avoid that someone else’s lube end up on your toys
  • always pick up a dildo with clean hands
  • preferably, put on gloves

Make sure each of you has a separate container to store away used dildos and lube bottles. A special container for the items used for your ass, will help prevent contact between your stuff and someone else’s.

If you decide to share dildos and other toys for ass play, then know how to clean and disinfect these items.

General advice for anal sex

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  • Never share your anal douche. Need to use someone else’s anal douche? Then know how to disinfect it. 
  • Degrease and disinfect the sling, play sheet or bench before you lay or sit on it as a bottom.
  • When you’re the bottom, lay as much as possible on your own towel. Tip: Take your own towel with you on sex dates.
  • Always use your own jar/bottle of lube for your ass. Never share your lube.
  • Use lots of lube. This reduces the risk of small wounds and bleeds.
  • Take a test every 3 to 6 months for hepatitis C and other STIs

Why clean and disinfect?

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