The NoMoreC Toolbox contains


The free NoMoreC Toolbox contains samples of items that you can use to reduce the risk of hepatitis C transmission.

The NoMoreC Toolbox was developed in consultation with members of the gay community and health professionals. We learned that there was a lot of uncertainty about which disinfectants are effective against hepatitis C. The NoMoreC Toolbox takes away this uncertainty.

The NoMoreC Toolbox contains:

  • a handy booklet

  • instruction cards with information about:
  • disinfecting hands and forearms
  • disinfecting dildos, toys and anal douche

clip with suction cup à to hang the instructions card “disinfecting hands and forearms” on the bathroom mirror


Sterilium® med - 500 ml -> to disinfect hands and forearms before changing partner or role (top/bottom). This disinfectant is also used in hospitals. It kills hepatitis C within 30 seconds.

Blue Wonder® Desinfectie Reiniger Doekjes (disinfection and cleaning wipes) - 80 wipes à to disinfect the sling, fuck bench, play sheet, etc. before changing partner or role (top/bottom). These wipes contain 1% hydrogen peroxide and do not produce nasty or dangerous fumes. It kills hepatitis C within 15 seconds.

spray bottle for all-purpose cleaning solution -> add 2 capfuls all-purpose cleaner to a spray bottle filled with water. Note: always clean the play area before disinfecting it. 

black latex gloves x 8

black nitrile gloves x 8 à in case of latex allergies, or for when you want to use grease/oil for fisting

black condoms and lubricant x 2

  • NoMoreC chems box to help you reduce the risk of transmitting hepatitis C when using chems à with drug use equipment in different colours. Never share drug use equipment; use only your own colour! The chems box also includes a needle disposal container. Hand in full containers at any pharmacy or at GGD.
  • Snuff straws 3x -> never share your drug attributes, choose your own colour.