You (sometimes) take chems during sex


Advice for using chems

You say you (sometimes) take chems during sex. There is a risk of hepatitis C transmission when you share equipment for:

  • snorting
  • smoking
  • booty bumping (= taking chems through the ass)
  • slamming (= injecting)

Chems also make it harder to keep a clear head. Still, there are ways to reduce the risk of hepatitis C transmission when taking chems. See if the following advice about chems use fits your sex life.

C WhatYouCanDo!

Do not share:
- straws, spoons, bullets, etcetera used for snorting chems
- syringes for booty bumping
- meth pipes for smoking chrystal meth (tina)
- needles and other equipment to slam. Put used needles safely in a needle container, immediately after use.
Before taking chems:
-take all precautions for risk reduction. You can do this best while you are still sober.




Here we tell you more about hepatitis C and the different techniques for using chems.

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Snorting straws

On the end of the straw, that enters your nostril, small blood particles may be found with hepatitis C. Research shows that hepatitis C is more common among men who share straws for snorting chems.

Tip: prepare lots of short plastic straws in advance. Place these in a glass and tell your sex partners to throw away used straws immediately after use. This will help you all to avoid using someone else’s straw by mistake. Alternatively, ask everyone to choose their own colour straw.

Booty bumping

Be aware that taking chems through the ass can seriously affect the mucous membranes in your ass. Booty bumping can even damage the latex of condoms. You reduce the risk of hepatitis C transmission by not booty bumping.

Tip: Make sure everyone knows which booty bump syringe is theirs. Don’t leave yours next to somebody else’s. Make sure everyone uses a different coloured syringe. This will help you all to avoid using someone else’s by mistake.

Smoking tina (= crystal meth)

The hot pipe, plus the effect of tina on your mucous membranes, could dry and crack your lips. If blood containing the virus is on the mouthpiece, it can be transmitted.

Tip: make sure everyone knows which pipe is theirs. Don’t leave yours next to someone else’s.


Do not share equipment to slam chems. This means: do not share needles, syringes, spoons, stericups, filters, cotton balls for stopping bleeding, or cups/bowls for putting in syringes. The hepatitis C virus can survive for a long time on all of these items (as can HIV). Do not share the distilled water in which you dissolve your chems.

Tip: put used needles in a needle container immediately after use. This way you avoid accidental needle pricks. Hand in a full container at your local pharmacy (or if you live in Amsterdam at GGD Amsterdam’s STI clinic).

‘To do’ before taking chems

Some things are better done while sober. For instance, get out your own dildos/toys, condoms, fisting gloves, towels and disinfectants beforehand.
It is also easier to talk to your sex partners while sober about what you wish to do to reduce the risk of transmitting hepatitis C. So discuss this before you start using chems, for example while chatting online.

More information about chems?

Are you looking for more information about crystal meth (tina), combining chems and slamming? Check out the website You can also go there if you are struggling with your drug use or if you want to get tips on how to prevent as much damage as possible.