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NoMoreC is a project of Soa Aids Nederland. We attach great importance to the protection of your personal data. In this document we explain how the website takes the privacy of its visitors into account.



This website uses functional cookies to make the website work properly and analytical cookies (Matomo) to collect information about the use of the website, so that we can adjust it where necessary. No personal data can be traced back from these cookies.

NoMoreC uses cookies from to play videos. The videos are deliberately integrated in such a way that no tracking or advertising cookies are placed. A detailed overview of these cookies used and how you can refuse them can be found in our general cookie policy (available in Dutch only).


We think it is important that you can use this website anonymously. You can complete a questionnaire at two places on this website, which will give you tailor-made advice. Completing these questionnaires can also be done completely anonymously.

1. Tailored advice for the sex I am having

This tool provides recommendations on how to reduce the risk of hepatitis C, tailored to your sex life. When answering the questions for tailor-made advice, no personal data is collected or otherwise processed. We ask about the sex techniques you love, whether you also have sex with several men at the same time and whether you use drugs. The answers you give and the advice you receive cannot be traced back to you personally, are not stored anywhere and IP addresses are immediately anonymised when you enter the website. However, we do analyze annually (in numbers) how many visitors have received advice via this tool. 

2. Questionnaire "Should I get tested" 

This questionnaire will give you an idea of ​​whether you may have had a risk of hepatitis C in recent months and whether it is wise to get (extra) tested. The questionnaire consists of questions about your sex life, drug use, your HIV status, whether you use PrEP and whether you have ever had hepatitis C. We also ask about your age and nationality to gain more insight into who uses this questionnaire. The data is stored and processed with the greatest possible care. The data entered by you in the questionnaire will be processed anonymously for evaluation purposes and possible future analyzes in scientific research. The answers and advice you receive from us cannot be traced back to you personally. IP addresses are immediately anonymised when you enter the website.
We believe it is important that participants understand that we can use the results for research purposes. That is why we explicitly ask you to agree to this.

Personal data

NoMoreC Toolbox

We only use your name and address details to process orders. Your address details will be kept in a secure environment for a maximum of 6 months. To ensure that as many men as possible get to know the NoMoreC Toolbox, it is not possible to order a Toolbox again.

On this website you will find links to other interesting websites. Soa Aids Nederland is not liable for the use or content of these websites. The same applies to websites that contain a link to the NoMoreC website.

Soa Aids Nederland

In addition to NoMoreC, Soa Aids Nederland has several products, websites and collaborations with other organizations. More information about Soa Aids Nederland and the way in which we process personal data can be found in our general privacy statement (Dutch only).

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