You always use gloves when fisting


Advice for fisting

You say you always use gloves when fisting. Good! This reduces the risk of hepatitis C transmission. But you can do even more. See if the following advice fits your sex life.

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- Put on a new pair of gloves with each new partner
- As a top wash and disinfect (do both actions) your hands and forearms before and after each fist session. Do this even if you use  gloves.
- Use a lot of lube with fisting to reduce the risk of bleeding


Using gloves protects you and your partner from hepatitis C. Use new gloves with each new partner. This is because the hepatitis C virus can stick to the outside of the gloves. Not changing gloves could result in transmitting the virus from one person to another.

Wash and disinfect hands and forearms before and after fisting (even if you use gloves). Reason: if you fist past the glove, lube will get on your forearms. This lube could contain invisible blood particles infected with hepatitis C. Always do both steps: disinfection without cleaning is useless.

General recommendations for anal sex

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  • Never share your anal douche. Need to use someone else’s anal douche? Then know how to disinfect it.
  • Degrease and disinfect the sling, play sheet or bench before you lay or sit on it as a bottom.
  • When you’re the bottom, lay as much as possible on your own towel. Tip: Take your own towel with you on sex dates.
  • Always use your own jar/bottle of lube for your ass. Never share your lube.
  • Use lots of lube. This reduces the risk of small wounds and bleeds.
  • Test every 3 to 6 months for hepatitis C and other STIs.

Why clean and disinfect?

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