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The free NoMoreC Toolbox contains samples of items that you can use to reduce the risk of hepatitis C transmission. Click the orange button below to see what is in the box.

Make sure you get one

You can pick up the NoMoreC Toolbox for free at a number of locations in the Netherlands. You can also order it online


Ask for the free NoMoreC Toolbox at:



If you order the Toolbox online, we only ask you to pay the shipping costs (€7.60). The Toolbox is sent in neutral packaging.We only use your name and address details to process orders. See more information at PrivacyA Toolbox ordered online will only be sent to addresses in the Netherlands.

Please Note: Maximum one box per person. We only have a limited number of Toolboxes and want to introduce the NoMoreC Toolbox to as many men as possible who are at risk of hepatitis C. That is ultimately in your own interest. 

Do you know someone who is also at risk for hepatitis C? Then tell him that he can also get a free Toolbox.

How to buy separate items

Want to know where to buy specific items from the Toolbox? Click here


Instructional videos and FAQ

See our instructional videos on disinfection, developed for users of the  Toolbox.
And read the Frequently Asked Questions about the Toolbox.